Band Blog: a musician’s guide to buying beer for band practice

Your turn to pick up the beer for band practice? We got you covered, fam, with this guide on which craft beers are the best to bring along to rehearsal.

Picking up beers for practice can be tricky. Abv too high? Everyone will be all over the place and practice will descend into an expensive drinking session in a soundproofed room. Bought a mixture of chewy porters and sours? That’s not going to sit right when you’re jumping off your amp. What were you thinking?

Even the type of can can be a factor in your purchase. Some breweries are using 360° cans where the whole top comes off, allowing the aroma to be fully experienced, and the beer to spill out more quickly and in its entirety if you knock it over.360 cans

Do not bring these tinnies anywhere near expensive rented musical equipment.

So with that in mind, let’s get started!

The warm up beers:

Everyone is limbering up, the drummer is adjusting his seat, the bassist is showcasing a slappin’ lick that no one wanted to hear. Time for a beer.

For this part, you just want something to wet your whistle. You’ve probably just hauled all your gear all the way there, you’re hot and sweaty.

Our recommendations are light, fruity refreshing beers. Sometimes called table or session beers, these are the ones that you could drink all night – lower ABV, packing a lot of taste in to wake your taste buds and fire you up for an evening of playing.

Saying that, sours and experimental beers can be good to get you in the creative mood (something to awaken the senses).

Mid-practice beverages anyone?

You’ve warmed up and played through your hits, at this point you’ll need something to fire up the creative furnaces for writing session.

Bold flavours, interesting can art, collabs with far flung breweries. It’s time to up the abv as well, IPAs or even go DIPA underground!

  • Eye of the Duck | Verdant Brewing Co./DEYA Brewing Company
  • There’s A Beer In My Fridge, And I Need A Drink  | Cloudwater Brew Co./Lervig
  • Bróðirblóð | Northern Monk/Wylam
  • Dog Birthday Party | Pressure Drop Brewery/Thin Man Brewery
  • Hybrid DIPA  | The Five Points/Wild Beer Co

The finishers

The practice is in the home straight. Everyone’s feeling the tingle of a blister appearing, it’s time to take it to the bridge.

But, what do you go for? In my personal experience I like finishing on an ‘old faithful’.

A reliable old friend of a beer. No point taking a gamble on your last beer and losing all credibility now. Plus you went crazy with the mid-practice beers.

  • Big Mouth Session  | Yeastie Boys
  • Citrus Session Seven Sisters
  • Signature Roadie/ Backstage IPA