Band rehearsal spaces in London

Band rehearsal spaces

Finding band rehearsal spaces in London is tough sometimes. Its got to be in your price range. It has to have decent equipment. It has to be easy for everyone in the band to get to on a regular basis without moaning and groaning about how far it is.

While there is a surprising abundance of band rehearsal spaces around the city, not all of them will be ticking these boxes.

Conor Stanley, a provider of the finest chops in our band compiled a little list of them WITH prices (As of Late 2019) as a little cheat sheet for our band, so that we don’t have to trawl google every time, perhaps it might help you out too.

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Band Blog: a musician’s guide to buying beer for band practice

Your turn to pick up the beer for band practice? We got you covered, fam, with this guide on which craft beers are the best to bring along to rehearsal.

Picking up beers for practice can be tricky. Abv too high? Everyone will be all over the place and practice will descend into an expensive drinking session in a soundproofed room. Bought a mixture of chewy porters and sours? That’s not going to sit right when you’re jumping off your amp. What were you thinking? Continue reading “Band Blog: a musician’s guide to buying beer for band practice”