Our first gig Great People Lots of Fun @ the Fiddler’s Elbow in Camden.

Where is the gig: The Fiddler’s elbow
When is the gig: 7:50pm, Wednesday 20 November 2019
What is the gig: Our first, come watch us.
Who is the gig: Great People, Lots of Fun, that’s us! and some other bands…

All the details are here on our Facebook event page

I’ve heard people say “first gig, worst gig” in comedy circles, you could apply the same logic to live music. Transitioning from practice room to the stage is nerve-wracking.

Luckily all three of us in our band have done it before, so we have some idea of what to expect.

It could be total shit, or it might go just fine, It would be very rare to play a perfect gig straight out the gate.

Most of the time, you come off stage without a long mental list of all the mistakes you made, which you’ll play over and over in your head for days after.

Regardless of that though, it’s so much fun.

For our first ever gig we got into the Fiddler’s elbow, which a staple for new bands apparently. The process is all laid out on their website, it’s pretty foolproof.

We filled out the online form and then there was a lot of back and forth about finding a date to suit us but that’s not that interesting bam! We had a gig.

We’d love to see you there, if you’ve followed the journey to this point on the podcast, you can take part in the next step with us by attending the gig, slapping your hands together and shouting ‘Wooo’ or doing that whistle with your fingers.

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