Episode 13: Music and Beer Chat with Signature Brew’s Tom Bott

Signature brew Tom Bott

They like beer and music, we like music and beer. Its no wonder we got on like a house on fire with Signature Brew Director, Tom Bott.

In this awesome episode we got to meet and chat with Signature brew Director, Siba board of trustees member and all round very nice guy and best friend of the podcast (he hasn’t agreed to that yet), Tom Bott.   Continue reading “Episode 13: Music and Beer Chat with Signature Brew’s Tom Bott”

The super awesome bonus episode

Super Awesome Bonus Episode

Welcome to the cutting room floor…

This is a super awesome bonus episode featuring most of the covers we’ve done so far along with some original riffs, unheard beer reviews and a rant on the North American pronunciation of aluminium.

We have to cut so much from episodes, Mostly Mike saying ‘um’ 30 to 40 times in a sentence, or Colin’s ear-splitting laugh, so here is the stuff that was good but we jus didn’t have time to put in to any episodes.  Continue reading “The super awesome bonus episode”

Episode 7: Howling in the Key of Mango

Band practice takes on a distinctly Icelandic beer theme when Conor brings back some ÚLFRÚN from Iceland’s  Borg Brugghús.

It’s a face off between two beers, so, a beer off. England Vs Iceland. What will the outcome be? Will it mirror the humiliating knock out of Euro 2016?

We also discuss the names of our previous bands and start throwing out ridiculous name ideas for the 2 songs 2 beers band.

Continue reading “Episode 7: Howling in the Key of Mango”