Episode 9: He’s a bit of a Barley Wine

The guys go to the pub and chat about the beers they’ve ordered, the music they’re listening to at the moment and also throw some randomly selected words together to see if they can come up with a band name.

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Beers in this episode:

Watney’s IPA (Brands Reunited) – 5.5%ABV

Friar Weisse (Franciscan Well) – 4.7%ABV

Little Victories (Mondo Brewing Company) – 4.3%ABV

Episode 8: I like Genesis

DeWolff at Shoreditch Blues Kitchen

The band go on an outing to Blues Kitchen Shoreditch to see Dutch psychedelic blues rock outfit, DeWolff. We talk about the time Colin became the unexpected third wheel on a date, Paul Simon renditions in the middle of Shoreditch and we catch up on the names you suggested for our latest Twitter poll.

We also give our immediate post gig reactions and are joined by (friends of the podcast) Devon Julian and Jo Holloway as well as some random late night revellers!

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Beers featured on this episode’s Beertime:

Fourpure – Beartooth Brown Ale – 5%ABV

Magic Rock – Rapture Red Hop Ale – 4.6%ABV

The super awesome bonus episode

Bonus music compendium

This is a super special bonus episode featuring most of the covers we’ve done so far along with some original riffs, unheard beer reviews and a rant on the North American pronunciation of aluminium.

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Episode 7: Howling in the Key of Mango

The band get back together for an international edition of Beertime. England takes on Iceland in a beery recreation of the Euro 2016 fixture, much to the delight of Mike and Colin.

We discuss the names of our previous bands and start throwing out ridiculous name ideas for the 2songs2beers band.

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All music in this episode was composed, performed and recorded (on a dinky Zoom H1 recorder) by Colin, Mike and Conor aka High Tea in Valhalla aka Rancid Raccoon aka Britney’s Haircut.

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Episode 6: Please Mic Up my Cup Holder

The band are back from holidays with some new gear, some local beers and their own interpretation of a Motown classic.
We introduce the original 2songs2beers “Top of the Hops” beer leaderboard and find out what was the best gig each member attended.

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All music in this episode was performed and recorded (with a zoom H1 recorder) by Colin, Conor and Mike.

Episode 5: Its just like falling off a bike

Colin the drummer makes his triumphant return after creating another slightly smaller drummer with his wife. We reveal some musical history about the band, embarassing first album purchases (showing our bad taste and age at the same time) we talk beer time, and come up with the craft beer top 40, an evolution to the Frothy picks rating system, Come sit down, crack open a beer and listen to us laugh for half an hour solid.

Episode 3: I am King Lear

The Journey continues

We continue our podquest by announcing a new band member. We met up in a rehearsal studio in Dalston, played some tunes, drank some tasty (and some not so tasty) beers and introduced a new segment called Gear time/Beer time! Thanks for listening!

Episode 2: Everyone enjoys a circle jerk

We got a response to our advert!

In this episode we meet Conor, potential guitarist/singer/front man, from Ireland. We talk about our respective musical histories, plush rehearsal studios, Tony Hadley, waistcoats and circle jerking! We also drank two beers and played two songs. The journey continues!