Band Blog: a musician’s guide to buying beer for band practice

Your turn to pick up the beer for band practice? We got you covered, fam, with this guide on which craft beers are the best to bring along to rehearsal.

Picking up beers for practice can be tricky. Abv too high? Everyone will be all over the place and practice will descend into an expensive drinking session in a soundproofed room. Bought a mixture of chewy porters and sours? That’s not going to sit right when you’re jumping off your amp. What were you thinking? Continue reading “Band Blog: a musician’s guide to buying beer for band practice”

The super awesome bonus episode

Super Awesome Bonus Episode

Welcome to the cutting room floor…

This is a super awesome bonus episode featuring most of the covers we’ve done so far along with some original riffs, unheard beer reviews and a rant on the North American pronunciation of aluminium.

We have to cut so much from episodes, Mostly Mike saying ‘um’ 30 to 40 times in a sentence, or Colin’s ear-splitting laugh, so here is the stuff that was good but we jus didn’t have time to put in to any episodes.  Continue reading “The super awesome bonus episode”