Band Blog: a musician’s guide to buying beer for band practice

Your turn to pick up the beer for band practice? We got you covered, fam, with this guide on which craft beers are the best to bring along to rehearsal.

Picking up beers for practice can be tricky. Abv too high? Everyone will be all over the place and practice will descend into an expensive drinking session in a soundproofed room. Bought a mixture of chewy porters and sours? That’s not going to sit right when you’re jumping off your amp. What were you thinking? Continue reading “Band Blog: a musician’s guide to buying beer for band practice”

Episode 16: Home Brewer to Pro Brewer – Seven Sister Brewery

Seven Sisters Brewery

The band chat to Chris and Tristan from Seven Sisters Brewery about how they went from brewing in a bucket under a pub to trying to keep up with demand.

Ever thought about starting your own brewery? listening to the Seven Sisters Brewery guys tell their story is a very good place to start.

They take us through their core range, how they started out and try out some beers with us.

Continue reading “Episode 16: Home Brewer to Pro Brewer – Seven Sister Brewery”

Episode 6: Please Mic Up my Cup Holder

The band are back from holidays with some new gear, some local beers and their own interpretation of a Motown classic.

Conor talks us through his capacious pedal board and Colin talks about probably the most important kit any drummer needs, a Cup holder ! Mike also discovers his voice in singing.

We introduce the original 2 Songs 2 Beers “Top of the Hops” beer leader board and have a┬áreminisce about our best gig experiences. Continue reading “Episode 6: Please Mic Up my Cup Holder”