Why 2 songs 2 beers?

Two best friends decided to start a band…

2 Songs 2 Beers started as a idea concieved by two best friends in a pub. What followed was an audio-based, rock and roll beer odyssey about the inception of a rock band.

It follows their journey – placing the ad, finding a front man (Conor, the lead guitarist/vocalist), deciding on a name, writing songs, and discovering their mutual love of rock and roll and craft beer.

Craft Beers? wait, what?

What makes you play music better? (and if you have too much, really badly?) Beer!

The guys quickly realised they weren’t bringing along any old brews to band practice. As soon as the fruity west coast pale ales and double IPAs started coming out, they realised this was more than just refreshments. It was a passion for quality craft beers.

Music and beer have long been synonymous. It made perfect sense that the guys started sharing their opinions on the craft beer they brought along to practice.

What started out as doing slightly inept reviews has turned into chats and beer tastings with some of the craft beer world’s most interesting people, including Jaega Wise of Wildcard Brewery, Joe Hurst from The New Zealand beer collective and Tom Bott from Signature brew.