Our first gig Great People Lots of Fun @ the Fiddler’s Elbow in Camden.

Where is the gig: The Fiddler’s elbow When is the gig: 7:50pm, Wednesday 20 November 2019 What is the gig: Our first, come watch us. Who is the gig: Great People, Lots of Fun, that’s us! and some other bands… All the details are here on our Facebook event page…

Band rehearsal spaces in London

Finding band rehearsal spaces in London is tough sometimes. Its got to be in your price range. It has to have decent equipment. It has to be easy for everyone in the band to get to on a regular basis without moaning and groaning about how far it is. While there is a surprising abundance…

S2 E2 – An Elaborate Revenge Plot: the drummer auditions continue

The drummer auditions continue!

We go back into the crucible as the auditions continue in our search for the perfect fit.

S2 E1 – A Drummer Shaped Hole

After an emotional farewell to best friend and drummer Colin, Mike and Conor need to pull themselves together and find someone else who can fill the drummer shaped hole.

Auditions commence using the tried and tested “2 Songs 2 Beers” technique.

Band Blog: a musician’s guide to buying beer for band practice

Your turn to pick up the beer for band practice? We got you covered, fam, with this guide on which craft beers are the best to bring along to rehearsal. Picking up beers for practice can be tricky. Abv too high? Everyone will be all over the place and practice will descend into an expensive…

Band Blog: how to start a band

There is nothing quite like playing music with others. Creating and performing music is an amazing feeling in itself, proven to be beneficial to our brains. Here’s our step by step guide to starting a band in London….

S1 E19: 2 Songs 2 Beers LIVE GIG! (at the time)

A gig, a game or two and a goodbye…

As a special send off for Colin, the band decided to throw one last party and invite some friends along to what would be their first and last gig in this guise (for now).

We’ve got a live beer tasting with the audience, games, our two songs that we wrote, we even play all the jingles live.

Episode 18: Big news, little episode

The guys have some ground-shaking news about the future of the band

In this short episode, we talk future plans and some annoucements are made.

We realise thats vague but its a short episode and giving you any more than that would ruin it.

Episode 17: Session Singing and Beer Tasting with Jaega Wise

Jaega Wise, head brewer of Wild Card brewery and TV presenter joined us for a jam and a hilarious and insightful chat about beer.

Most people will know of Jaega Wise as Head brewer of Wildcard, as a regional director of SIBA¬†or by the growing list of gender equality projects and initiative’s she is involved in.

A perhaps lesser known fact is she has one hell of singing voice and is in a band!

Episode 16: Home Brewer to Pro Brewer – Seven Sister Brewery

The band chat to Chris and Tristan from Seven Sisters Brewery about how they went from brewing in a bucket under a pub to trying to keep up with demand.

Ever thought about starting your own brewery? listening to the Seven Sisters Brewery guys tell their story is a very good place to start.

They take us through their core range, how they started out and try out some beers with us.