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S2 E1 – A Drummer Shaped Hole

After an emotional farewell to best friend and drummer Colin, Mike and Conor need to pull themselves together and find someone else who can fill the drummer shaped hole.

Auditions commence using the tried and tested “2 Songs 2 Beers” technique.

S1 E2: Everyone enjoys a circle jerk

We got a response to our front man advert!

In this episode we meet Conor, potential guitarist/singer/front man, from Cork, Ireland.

In a surprising turn of events, someone found our ad, and managed to understand it! (Episode one highlights Mike the bassist’s poor penmanship).

S1 E1: Locking eyes over a groove

Why just 2 beers? Why just 2 songs?…

The first episode! Old friends Mike and Colin decide to start a band after locking eyes over a groove. Turns out fantastic ideas DO happen after 5 pints.